Meet Kombucha Kat

Our adventure lives on, found in the culture and life in every Kombucha Kat bottle.  This is my passion, and I am very grateful to share it with you!

To Learn

The origins of Kombucha Kat unsuspectingly began brewing during a road trip adventure in 2012, when Kat and her husband Paul Lovine lived in their 1979 Volkswagen bus to travel across North America.  From sunny SoCal, they made their way 24,850 beautiful miles through its four corners: North to Alaska, East to Quebec, south to Key West, and (mostly) everything in between.  Along the trip they visited as many National Parks and local craft breweries as humanly possible.  It sparked a keen interest in the natural order of our world, and along the same vein, unveiled the art of fermentation. 

It was sometime during that trip they had the chance to try Kombucha.  And they were drawn in, which each bubbly sip.  What was this mysterious elixir?  Why does it make me... happy?!

With a passion for creating and love of learning, she sourced herself a kombucha mother as soon as they landed back to reality in Los Angeles.  "Kombucha Kat", was born.

To Share

As her love of brewing grew, her Instagram page became a conduit of learning and friendship for fellow SCOBY enthusiasts all over the world.  Connecting with other bucha-brewers and sharing recipes of experimental foraged brews, she eventually found herself hosting workshops in the USA and Asia, to further spread her love of the craft.
Kombucha Kat Workshop in Manila, Philippines
Kombucha Ship in Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan
Vitae Kombucha in Barcelona, Spain
Kombucha Kat Workshop in Los Angeles, CA

To Love

It is the Filipino culture to be nurturing, to feed you as if you were family, and to share everything that is good. 

It is our privilege to share with you our story, one sip at a time.

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Proudly Brewed in Canoga Park CA
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